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In the year 7070 CE civilization reached a saturation point, it seemed that technology was unable to advance anymore. Companies stagnated as innovation stopped. Much of the earth’s resources are almost depleted, recycling is as efficient as it can ever be, yet without space colonization, there is no hope for a bright future. Tensions between nations are rising and the world is on the verge of a total economic collapse. Panthers world wide were fearful and hopeless.
All of that changed when a meteorite crashed into Earth containing a weird substance called Chainium. Scientists from all around the world quickly started to realize that this substance is the key to quantum travel, allowing us to traverse space and finally unlock the massive potential that awaits! Space colonization, once thought to be a dream, is now made possible thanks to Chainium!
Countries around the globe started pooling in resources to figure out the source of this meteorite. Thus the LEGION X program was born with the sole purpose of finding the source of Chainium and starting the space colonization race.