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Lore Building Mini Games

Lore building are events that happen in multiple stages where the game is written or effected by the community itself. This is where any Panther from the LEGION can become one of the legendary Panthers, taking part in the annals of LEGION X history. During such events and mini games, NFT holders are able to stake their NFTs to generate $Legion token while participating in mini games where their names are noted down in the history of LEGION X at the same time. For instance, one player will be credited with discovering and naming the planet that contains Chainium! That planet will be the main setting of the main game. Thus, one of the first mini games will be a treasure hunt across the metaverse until the location of planet Chainium is figured out and discovered.
Great milestones in history will be put down in Wikipedia where by discovering different weapons, new ships, designs, new material to mine, etc. will allow players to have their name in the game in addition to elevate their NFT status as holders. In some cases, there will be some bounties where a specific villain is to be defeated and whoever defeats them first will be forever known as the slayer!
Series of events that lead up to the beta will eventually lead to the release of the beta LEGION X game Legion Wings! Play-and-earn gaming will include mechanics such as free to play, where players renting out ships and garage spaces are able secure lands on planet chainium to be able to mine and refine Chainium.