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Legion X Token

$Legion token will be minted in various ways and methods. The most common of which will be Panthers from the LEGION X prime NFT collection going on expeditions and contributing to the lore, story building events, and mini games that will be launched soon after the release of the NFT collection to the public.
The LEGION X token will start from zero supply and start increasing as players stake their NFTs. Initial Liquidity backing the token will come from the sales of the NFTs which will be used to back the value of the token.
Initially we will go through an accumulation phase by which holders will stake their NFTs over periods of time, 10, 20, 30, and 60 days each with different multipliers for the length as they collect LEGION tokens to increase the supply of the available token! Each NFT will also have a different multiplayer depending on its rarity.
During the lore building games, NFTs could add more types of titles that will contribute to the multiplayer for minting more LEGION X tokens.
So even if you have a Raging NFT, by being part of the Lore building mini-games you might be producing multipliers as much as a legendary.
As part of the in-house utilities, holders of $Legion token will give players discounts, bonuses to purchasing merchandise, and proudly show their fandom.
$Legion token will be used to purchase SHKR premium currency.
Casual players who purchase SHKR currency via the free to play game with conventional methods will seamlessly automatically purchase LEGION X Token, exchange it for SHKR currency, and burn $legion token in the process.
Thus ensuring a control on the supply of the $legion token. After the release of the game, the $legion token will be listed on Uniswap and other various defi protocols with liquidity provided from the NFT sales.
To ensure that the tokenomics are sustainable every two years the power to mint LEGION X tokens will be halved similar to the bitcoin halving event thus maintaining balance throughout the galaxy. The first halving event is expected to coincide with the release of the game.

Shkr Digital Premium in-game Currency

To protect the free to play game from market fluctuations and maintain security, the in-game currency will not be a crypto currency. Shkr will be pegged to the fiat value. For instance, 1000 Shkr will cost 5 USD (prices are not final). Anytime a player purchases 1000 Shkr from the game, they will essentially purchase 5USD worth of $legion token and buy the 1000 Shkr.
All of this will happen behind the scenes, without the need for the player to deal with the complexities of setting up a wallet and transferring Crypto and NTFs unless they want to. From that purchase, a portion of it will go towards the maintenance of the game, generate new content, continuous updates, and the rest will be burnt.