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The aim of the project is to bring the concept of player owned assets to the mass market, uniting the world of casual gamers with NFT veterans.
In order to create this revolutionary ecosystem that leverages the benefits of the blockchain, we must harness the power of the well established free to play model with sustainable economics in a tested marketplace.
Our airtight tokenomics model will focus on being protected against monopolies achieved by decentralization, as well as protection in the ingame economy from volatility of the crypto market.
In addition, LEGION X will establish true full ownership over player digital goods and assets while fairly rewarding holders for their contribution to the ecosystem.
Of course, due to the Blockchain backend, high levels of security standards will be ensured and maintained.
LEGION X will create a seamless economy model that is easy to use and understand while staying complex enough for the NFT veterans of the space.
Free to play - play and earn!
LEGION X tokenomics model will have a single backend crypto token called $Legion and a non-crypto premium in-game currency called SHKR.
Keep in mind, as our project develops and expands we reserve the right to keep updating and improving our ecosystem for the best interest of our community and project.