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LEGION X is a new NFT collection created by a diverse group of well-skilled individuals from around the globe, here to build an environment with distinctive utilities such as GameFi and Defi models. On our expedition to become a leading NFT project, we will operate with integrity, transparency, and respect for our community. LEGION X will host a variety of utilities that will recognize individuals’ notoriety and status on the blockchain.
We intend to bring you the best of both worlds by implementing solid utility and a strong community, while combining the simplicity of Web2.0 and the complex secure Web3.0 technologies all in one. There is no denying that NFTs and Play and Earn games have far surpassed the industry’s expectations yet, we recognize and are aware that there is always room for improvement. We believe in the future of the Blockchain and NFTs in the gaming world and now, we are given an opportunity to build reliable products with a strong economy derived from gaming.
Steering away from “ponzinomics” and “pumponomics” and focusing on a sustainable and scalable economy with a player-centric design thus, paving the way for the Play and Earn gaming industry to actually grow in a safe and balanced manner.