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Legion Wings

Introducing Web2.5, LEGION X plans to bridge the gap between Web2.0 and Web3.0 gaming. Legion Wings will be a sci fi space shooter, an immersive free to play game where on its surface, is no different than any other free Web2.0 game. However, delve deep inside and you will realize the digital assets that you acquire in the game are NFTs that you can mint and keep for yourself or sell on secondary markets. Allowing the players true ownership over their digital assets.
LEGION X will hold casual gamer’s hands through their journey into the world of Web3.0 while veterans in the NFT gaming world will be right at home.
Holders of the LEGION X Panthers NFT will have access to the beta of the game and help shape its future.
Keep in mind that this will be the first main game in the series, more games will be introduced and made using the same IP of LEGION X to keep growing and advancing the ecosystem.
Initially the game will have three main game modes that will be released gradually as they are finished and refined with player feedback.
  1. 1.
    Arcade space shooter is a game where players will battle hordes of incoming intergalactic creatures while they are traversing the quantum realm to reach planet Chainium.
  2. 2.
    Area control space shooter in which players explore the planet and conquer new lands, plant their flag and set up their mining rigs!
  3. 3.
    Land protection, space station building, and maintenance. It is not enough that you take control of an area and start generating resources, other players can contest your land too. Hence the need to build and terraform your land to protect your rigs from hostile players, and not to mention to defend your land from the natural creatures in the hostile environment of the planet.
Collecting resources will be key to upgrading your equipment and weapons on the cheap! There will be a dynamic in-game economy to be able to buy and sell resources as they are needed using the Xcoin, the normal in-game currency which is obtained through playing the game.
However, like all free to play game. there is a premium none-crypto currency called SHKR which allows players to customize, bypass and speed up some aspects of the game and even purchase some Xcoin.
Also there will be countless mini-games for ship repair and upgrades with elements of MMORPG gameplay, Legion Wings will surely keep players busy and engaged.
In addition, the games’ release will be on mobile and PC with plans to release on consoles eventually.