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Mission 1: The Legion X Panthers will be released into space and jumpstart the galactic expedition that awaits them.
Mission 2: $Legion coin and utility NFT airdrops commencement. First 3,000 holders will be given access for a free mint of a Legion X Series 2 collection on the Solana blockchain.
Mission 3: Flex your fandom and expand the ways of standing out within a community with the cosmic Legion X merch store.
Mission 4: Charity auctions and events will be held with major NGOs such as UNHCR, Panthera, NPCA, and Four Paws International.
Mission 5: Staking begins, holders are rewarded with $Legion, the driving force behind the Legion X project. Holders are able to participate in lore building games shaping the tides of fate and engrave their names on the pillars of Legion history.
Mission 6: Release of the X Saga , holding the panther’s notable great deeds and achievements. Honorable panthers will go down in the hall of fame, forever etched on the blockchain.
Mission 7: Our Play-and-earn game kicks in. Space shooting game with spaceships customization, weapons acquisition, gear elevation, and garage access. Player owned virtual assets allowing players to mint their creations.
Mission 8: Listing $Legion on Uniswap and various de-fi protocols.